At present, the Library has a collection of 15714 books, 42 Periodicals,  356 bound volumes, 13  Newspapers &  72-CDs. The Library is automated using an in-house integrated software - Educational Enterprise Resource Planning and Management System (EERPMS).The Library module consists of Masters, Transactions, Special tasks, Circulation, OPAC, Reports.The operations done through the software are Library attendance, Information storage and retrieval, circulation, OPAC and report generation on various options. The library has a vast collection of resources to equip the faculty and students.

Best Practices of the Library

  • Thought for the Day Board:

Display of quotes from famous personalities.  

  • Best Library User Award for Students and Staff:

Recognizing students based on their library attendance

  • Information Sharing Board :

Pooling information about a specified topic by students.

  • PaperClipping Files:

Collection of paper clippings on Science & Technology, Education, Health.

  • In the Eyes of Press:

Paper clippings of special events of the College.

  • Book Exhibitions

To conduct book exhibitions on special occasions.

  • Compulsory Library Reference:

To spend a minimum of 25hours per semester in the library.

  • User Education/Orientation:

To introduce the students to the library environment.

  • Open Access:

Free to select their required documents from the rack.  

  • Suggestion Book:

To improve the collection development and services.


Facilities and Services

Following are the special services provided by the library apart from its regular services like lending of books & question papers.

  • Xerox/Reprography Service:

The users are allowed to take the Xerox copy of documents.

  • New Arrivals Display Facility :

Display of newly procured titles.

  • Book Bank Facility:

Books are issued to economically backward students

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