Nischitha. M

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc

Courses taught: B.Sc

Area of expertise: General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry

Contact details:


  • A Review article on Preparation of peptide – Metal Complex Conjugates using Solid – Phase Synthesis in International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Development ISSN : 2581-7175

International and National Conference/ Webinars Attended

  • 3 –Days International webinar on Software Solutions for Routine R&D,Virtual activities & Knowledge Management-ACD/labs by the University Of Mysore in 2020
  • National Conference on Innovation in Chemical Sciences organized by University of Mysore in 2020
  • National level webinar on Synthesis of Heterocyclic Molecules using different strategies by Ramaiah College of Arts,Science and Commerce.
  • National level webinar on Computer Aided Drug Discovery by University of Mysore.
  • National level webinar on H-Cardinol: Synthesis and Application by the University of Mysore.
  • National level webinar on Recent Advances in Porpyrinoid Chemistry by Bapuji Institute of Engineering.
  • National level webinar on Metallic Corrosion andGraphene based Anti-Corrosion coating materials by Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering.
  • 3-Day webinar on Recent Trends in Science by University of Mysore.
  • National level webinar on High Throughput Screening For Drug Discovery by Sri BhuvanendraCollege,Karkala.
  • A webinar on Importance,Necessity and Thrust Areas of Research-an Indain Scenario by REVA University.
  • A webinar on Crystal Engineering from Molecules to Materials by Central University Of Karnataka.
  • National level webinar on Role of Chemistry in Engineering and Society by JNN Engineering College,Shivamogga.