Innovation and Incubation Centre

With the intention of nurturing students interest in science, and to encourage towards continuing their curiosity and scientific temperament, our institution has created an innovation and incubation center in the year 2018. The centre constituted with the faculties of life-sciences, physical sciences, commerce and management and IQAC coordinator of the institution. The centre has been established at Department of Biotechnology, with all the necessary basic research facilities to run the in-house research projects.

Faculties of life-science departments, involving final and second year students in basic research activities by utilizing the created facilities and also students were encouraged to present their data in various national and international symposium/conferences.

Notable projects carried out from the date of its initiation,

Currently centre runs two in-house research projects by engaging 15 students of B.Sc, on

Facilities available at the center

Members of the center

Dr. C. R. Sunil Kuamr Coordinator
Mrs. G. R. Sumithra IQAC, Coordinator
Mr. Shivabeerappa M Dept. Of Commerce and management
Mrs. Athiya Sammen HOD, Dept. Microbiology
Dr. Wethroe Kapfo HOD, Dept. Of Biochemistry
Miss. K. M. Chandini Dept. Of Physics.