MMK & SDM Mahila Mahavidyalaya had an informal Alumni Association which was working effectively since 1992. Due to the excellent rapport shared by our faculties with alumni we are able to make a strong bonding and network between alumni and institute.

In the year 2020, the Alumni Association of the college is named and registered as "RathnaManasaHiriyaVidyarthiniyara Sangha ®" with registration no: 437/2019-20
The college provides for an involvement of alumni in the college activities. In the beginning of the year HOI nominates one senior faculty member as coordinator of alumni association. The coordinator helps administrators to maintain alumni database, plan fundraising initiatives, process and track membership fees and donations and organize executive committee meetings, annual alumni meet , alumni sports and various other eventsto bring up a good rapport between alumni and alma mater.

RathnaManasaHiriyaVidyarthiniyaraSangha(RMHVS), as per its bylaws has an executive committee. The office bearers of the executive committee consists of President, Vice-presidents, Secretary, Joint Secretaries, five executive members and Principal being the Honorary president of the association. Alumni meet is arranged every year. President of alumni association is one of the executive members of IQAC of the college.

Activities of the RathnaManasaHiriyaVidyarthiniyara Sangha

  • The knowledge, skill, experience of the alumni is made available for the students through Alumni Interactions and Alumni Faculty Programmes.
  • Alumni association meet and executive committee meetings are held periodically.
  • The alumni association has sponsored 'The Best Outgoing Student Award' to encourage the students.
  • Book donation to the college / Department
  • Financial support to the academic activities
  • Sponsoring essentials to the college / department.
  • Alumni involvement in Annual sports day and Annual day celebrations.
  • Alumni establishments/entrepreneurs associate with alma mater through MOU.

The Rathna Manasa Hiriya Vidyarthiniyara Sangha (RMHVS) unifies the alumni with the alma mater. It allows frequent and widespread interaction between alumni, students, staff members and the management. The RMHVS seeks to reach, serve and engage all its alumni and students; to foster lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the college and its graduates and also to provide the college with goodwill and support. To enrich the academic programmes and to reinforce its long standing traditions, the college invites its distinguished alumni to visit the campus for interaction with the faculty and the students. During such visits, the alumni may teach a course, deliver special lectures, provide internships, collaborate in research and other projects, and interact with the students.

The college utilizes the intellectual inputs ofits alumni working in the academic or professional fields to enhance the quality of curriculum delivery. By means of establishing a vibrant, sustainable, influential community of alumni, the mission of the alumni association is to mobilize and utilize the power, talents, experience and leadership of its alumni in order to make a beneficial contribution to the college in objectifying its vision of Empowerment of Women to face the Global challenges. The Institution recognizes academic, professional and other achievements of the alumni. The college recognizes the alumni who have occupied prestigious positions in the society by inviting them as chief guests for the programmes organized. Opportunities are given to the alumni and many of them are working as faculty members in the college.

As per discussions with executive committee members of Alumni Association we have categorized these   memberships as below

The general body has also decided to launch different types of activities under its banner to further the interest of the students, alumni, teachers and parents. The unique one are:

  1. Alumni Endowment Lecture Fund
  2. Every year , An Alumni Endowment Lecture Series(if possible stream wise) will be organized where in the knowledge, skills, experience of the outstanding personality is made available for the students and alumni by arranging interactions which help them to achieve academic progression and placements.The expenditure of the endowment lecture series will be met out from the interest income of above said corpus. The resource person will be an eminent scholar who has made significant contributions in the field of education, research ,arts , social services ,etc
    This scheme also connects students with established professionals and help to pursue career changes.

  3. AlumniVidhyaNidhi Programmes
  4. RMHVS strives for empowering academic goals of the students by providing financial assistance through interest of the Alumni Vidya Nidhi Scholarships.Every year financially needy and deserving students shall be awarded with scholarships. The interest earned from corpus fund shall be utilized for the award of scholarship for the respective period .This initiative helps students to reach their goals by removing financial barriers.

  5. Anna DasohaProgramme to the poor students
  6. Of all the charities, the charity of food is considered supreme. RMHVS has planned to launch a philanthropic scheme called Anna Dasoha programme (Mid Day meal) with the objective of providing lunch to the poorest of poor students by means of issuing food coupons. The needy students will be identified ,if any and will be considered for the same.

  7. Medical fund :
  8. Good health is a life's greatest blessing. The idea behind this scheme is to provide medical assistance to the students and alumni who are unable to pay medical bills . Those students or alumni who approach to the association with genuine needs, then the association may consider and help such needy.
    For these corpus funds, the general public and alumni in particular are requested to donate in large scale.Your alma mater has reposed its faith in you and we are confident that you would be very happy and generous in helping us to visualize the goal of the association. Together we can change society by ensuring fairness in empowerment of women.

    All contributions may be directed by cash payment to bank or by way of DD/digital transfer /NEFT/Google pay/phonepe /paytm in favour of

    "RathnaManasaHiriyaVidyarthinisangha, Mysore"
    Karnataka Bank Ltd, Chamundipuram branch, Mysore.
    Account Number: 4852500104762601

    Alumni Association Activities