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MMK & SDM Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Mysore policies and regulations protect the rights and safeguard the interests of all the stakeholders, especially the staff and students community. The regulations cover all areas deemed essential for the maintenance of an environment conducive to carrying out all the educational goals of the college. Within the framework established in these policies, the individual is free to conduct his or her own academic and nonacademic life. However, the privileges of being free and making independent decisions, involve the acceptance of responsibility of respecting the binding rules and regulations. Therefore, the college expects the staff and students to uphold the standards of both personal and social conduct at all times when they are associated with the institution, and assume that individual decisions will be accompanied by careful consideration of the standards maintained by the college.


Students have the right and freedom of inquiry. They are expected to know and adhere to the standards of academic reach and integrity.

  • Students shall maintain ethical standards in all their endeavors.
  • Students shall greet the institutional staff.
  • Students shall communicate courteously with everyone.
  • Students shall avoid using any insulting, inciting, threatening language when talking with fellow students and should totally avoid violence.
  • Students shall avoid talk or act in any manner outside the institution in a way that would bring disrepute to the institution.
  • Students shall behave with dignity at all places.
  • Students shall not use mobile phones within the college premises.
  • Students shall read notices/circulars displayed on the college notice board and comply with the directions contained in it.
  • Students shall pay all kinds of fees as stipulated by the college in time.
  • Students shall adhere to the vehicle use, vehicle speed limit within the campus and park the vehicles in the allotted place.
  • Students shall maintain the decorum and conduct themselves well while attending college functions.
  • Students shall promptly stand to solemn attention during national anthem /prayer.
  • Students shall leave the foot wears neatly in the footwear stand before entering laboratories.
  • Students shall avail the dust bin facility to keep the classroom and the campus clean.
  • Students shall maintain the beauty, serenity and greenery of the campus.
  • Students shall preserve the infrastructure of the college.
  • Students must be alert and responsible while posting their views about the Institute on social media.
  • Students shall not engage themselves in any political activity or other movement.
  • Students shall conduct meetings and activities in the college campus only with the written permission of the Principal.
  • Students shall circulate / display any circulars / Notices only with the written permission of the Principal.
  • Students shall share any information or report to press or broad casting agencies with the written permission of the Principal.
  • Students shall avoid pasting of wall posters, writing on walls and roads.
  • Students shall not endanger the health or safety of others.
  • Students shall avoid making false accusations against any member of the institution.
  • Students shall avoid giving false information to the college.
  • Students shall avoid forging, altering or misusing any document or record issued by the college.
  • Students shall avoid storing, possessing or using real or replica firearms or other weapons, explosives (including fireworks), ammunition, or toxic or otherwise dangerous materials in the campus.
  • Students shall avoid using, possessing or distributing liquor and illegal drugs.
  • Students shall comply with the disciplinary measure imposed by the college.

    1. 1. IDENTITY CARD for students
      1. a. Student shall possess an identity card with his/her photograph affixed on it, duly attested by the principal.
      2. b. Students shall wear the ID cards in the college campus.
      3. c. Students shall use ID cards while:

    Borrowing books from the library.

    Entering the office, classroom, laboratories etc.

    Appearing for examinations.

    Performing monetary transactions such as paying fees, receiving scholarships etc.

    Representing the college in any events hosted by other institutions.

    Availing ticket concession to travel by Bus, Rail or Air.

    Using Postal and Bank services.

    1. 2. ACADEMIC
      1. a. Students are expected to be regular and punctual in attending classes and all activities of the college.
      2. b. Students are expected to be seated in the lecture halls/seminar halls/ auditorium much before the commencement of the class or any programme.
      3. c. Students shall observe silence in the class, irrespective of the presence or absence of the faculty.
      4. d. Students shall stand up and greet when the faculty enters the class.
      5. e. Students shall not leave the classroom during class hours.
      6. f. Students shall not miss the classes under the pretexts like paying fees, taking books

    from libraries etc. Time fixed for such purposes during working hours must be strictly followed.

    1. g. Students shall visit the library / college office / staff rooms only during the working


    1. 3. DRESS CODE
      1. a. Students shall wear clean and tidy uniform on prescribed days.
      2. b. Students shall avoid wearing short / sleeveless / transparent tops.

      1. a. Representation of complaints and grievances shall be made individually to the

    Grievance redressal cell either in oral or written form.

    1. b. The principals decision shall be the final in all matters of punishment of the students

    for violation of any of the rules and regulations of the college.

      1. a. Students in attending the college for the purpose of qualifying for academic credit

    shall pursue that purpose with sincerity, honesty, and commitment. They shall bear in mind that, as undergraduates, their actions have a broad effect on the interests of the college, including its interests in attracting future students and members of the faculty, and accordingly that they have responsibility as members of an academic community.

    1. b. Students are responsible for any actions in which they may be involved which are

    harmful to the welfare or property of the college or other members of the college community. When a student is charged with violation of any law in a situation in which the college is not involved, the college has no obligation to assist, but may afford to the student such assistance as appropriate and practicable.

    Students Council Office Bearers of the Academic Year 2020-2021
    Sl No Name Post Class
    1 Kavya Urs U President III BCA
    2 Sneha Singh M Vice President II BSc
    3 Sherly D K Secretary III BSc
    4 Nidhi Gowda M S Joint Secretary III BCom
    5 Ifra Tanzeem Joint Secretary II BSc
    6 Poorvaja Urs M Cultural Secretary III BCA
    7 Chitra Suman Literary Secretary III BCom
    8 Divyashree Sports Secretary II BSC

    Student Faculty Programmes
    Certificate course